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We believe play comes from the child, not the toy. Children’s play grows from their individual knowledge of the world, interests, and curiosity. Our simple, handmade items help children build worlds, tell stories, and make discoveries as they play. Use the menu below to start browsing and contact us with questions.

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Our Toy Aesthetic

We favor a rustic minimalist design aesthetic that highlights the uniqueness of the materials. This means we try to highlight things like:

  • Marks left in the wood by chainsaws, band saws, and table saws.
  • Natural characteristics of each piece of wood–coloring, grain, texture, and even markings made by woodpeckers, insects, and the occasional beaver.
  • Natural staining that can occur on some types of wood during drying.

Some would see these things as imperfections, but we feel they bring our pieces a unique look.

We feel our minimalist design aesthetic also supports children’s play. At Explorations Early Learning Toys, we believe the spark of play comes from within the child–not the toy. Our toys serve as blanks-slate variables that serve as props in the play, exploration, and discovery sparked by children’s interests, knowledge of the world, and curiosity.

Most of the wood we use is salvaged from local urban trees. This reclaimed lumber is saved from the landfill, where it would be burnt or turned into mulch. We collect it, stack it, dry it, and eventually cut it into toys.

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We ship all over the world, but most of our orders come from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the UK. In most cases, we ship within 48 hours

Coin Ramps

Our new coin ramps work with coins, washers, poker chips, and more. They’re a fun way to support STEM play and learning

Explorations Early Learning Toys | coin ramps

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Coin Ramps

Custom Work

For as long as we’ve been creating content like books, toys, and posters, we’ve had requests for custom work. We enjoy carving out as much time as possible for these projects. Collaborating with people to create items that meet their needs is an enjoyable process. Sometimes custom means making a small tweak to an existing product. Other times, it means working closely with the client to design something completely new.

We work on custom projects as time allow. While we will do our best to work projects into the schedule, we’d appreciate as much lead time as possible for custom work. Learn more here.

DIY Toy Idea

Create your own blocks using simple items from your recycling bin. These blocks are great additions to your block area and play well with our blocks.

Container Blocks

Toy Of The Month Club

The best way to share our toys with children is through a Toy Of The Month Club subscription. For a flat monthly fee, you’ll receive a regular box of play. Our Toy Of The Month Club lineup includes our most popular items.

Explorations Early Learning Toys | Toy Of The Month Club