Custom Work


For as long as we’ve been creating content like books, toys, and posters, we’ve had requests for custom work. We enjoy carving out as much time as possible for these projects. Collaborating with people to create items that meet their needs is an enjoyable process. Sometimes custom means making a small tweak to an existing product. Other times, it means working closely with the client to design something completely new.

Past Work

Past projects include:

  • Custom versions of our self-published books.
  • Custom versions of our toys to fit a special design or aesthetic.
  • Customized and/or branded versions of our posters
  • Postcard versions of our posters for marketing campaigns.
  • Creating play packs full of our toys for special projects.
  • Custom classroom play materials and furnishings.
  • Custom playground equipment.
  • Consulting on the development of web-based trainings.
  • Consulting with programs dealing with caregiver stress and burnout.
  • Visiting/consulting with family child care programs to share play ideas.
  • Consulting on presentation slide and content design.
  • Consulting on program design and policies.


We work on custom projects as time allow. While we will do our best to work projects into the schedule, we’d appreciate as much lead time as possible for custom work.


Below are some custom projects we’ve completed:

Custom Work FAQ