DIY Vending

The Basics

We came up with the DIY Vending idea after realizing we could not logistically attend all the events we were invited to attend as a toy vendor. This DIY Vending program is a simple fundraising tool for early learning organizations. The basic program idea is this:

  • We provide your organization with a sample pack of our toys, some promotional materials, and custom discount code for our online store.
  • The samples are displayed during your event while someone from your team is available to answer questions, share information, and help with online orders.
  • At the end of your event, the sample items are given away as a door prize.
  • Your organization’s custom coupon code is activated two weeks before your event and kept live until two weeks after the event.
  • Your organization earns a percentage of all sales made using your code over that 4 week period.

Some Details

  • The sample pack is valued at over $130. Your organization pays shipping for the pack.
  • Your organization’s custom coupon code gives users a 10% discount on all items and discounted shipping on their purchase.
  • Your organization can opt to earn either:
    • Cash equal to 15% of all sales made with your code.
    • Credit in the Explorations Early Learning Toys store (including custom work) equal to 20% of all sales made with your code.
  • Your code also works on subscriptions to our Toy Of The Month Club. Your organization earns a $7 bounty for each new subscription made using your code.

The Sample Pack Includes:

  • Domino Blocks
  • Branch Blocks
  • Wonky Blocks
  • Mini Arch Blocks
  • Branch Beads
  • Mini Launcher
  • Lacing Hunk
  • Hefty Lacer
  • Lacing Log



Plan Ahead

(Six Plus Months Before The event)

Contact us well in advance of your event–six months or more is recommended. We’ll answer any questions, send you a link to order your sample pack, and work with you to create custom marketing materials you can use to share your DIY Vending coupon code. We will also be available to help the person(s) spearheading the fundraiser as much as necessary.


Promote Event

(Thirty Plus Days Before The Event)

Use the custom marketing materials to promote your event online and in person. For best results, share your coupon code far and wide.



(Two Weeks Before The Event)

Your coupon code activates two weeks before your event. Expand your reach by encouraging people who use the code to share it with others.



(Day(s) Of Event)

During your event, display the sample items in a high-traffic area where attendees will have a chance to handle them. The person overseeing the display should answer questions, share fliers with the coupon code, and assist with online orders. At the end of your event, the sample items can be given away as a door prize.


Post Sales

(Two Weeks After Event)

Keep promoting that coupon code for the two weeks after your event.


Wrap Up

(Three Weeks After Event)

After your coupon code expires, we’ll total the numbers and send you a payment or a store credit for your earnings.


This program can be used and tweaked in a number of ways:

  • An in-house fund raiser for an early learning program.
  • An on-going fund raiser where the code would be active indefinitely.
  • A member benefit for a membership organization.
  • An individual wishing to sell our products at an event.