30 Piece 2 Inch Ramp Set

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Ramp play is a great way for kids to learn physical, cognitive, language, and social skills as the explore, experiment, and discover. This set is big enough to meet the needs of a small classroom of dedicated preschool engineers.

The 60 piece set includes:

  • 3--90 degree turn connectors
  • 3--45 degree turns connectors
  • 3--22.5 degree turns connectors
  • 3--straight connectors
  • 8--5 inch ramps
  • 8--10 inch ramps
  • 3--15 inch ramps

We tested the ramps with a variety of balls and found small bouncy balls can get hung up at the connecting points in some circumstances. We recommend balls wider than 1 inch in diameter when using lots of corners. All balls work great on straight runs. Wooden ramp balls are our favorite because we like their aesthetic and they don't bounce as much as rubber balls.

Blocks, bricks, cardboard boxes, plastic containers and other loose parts work great to support the ramps. We like sandbags best because they can be formed to fit the objects they are supporting. They are an easy DIY project, but if you're not a do it yourself person, we have two sizes in the webshop.

While these ramps were designed for use with balls, we tested them with water. Since the connections are not water-tight, there will be leakage. Using water with the ramps will be fun for kids, but it should probably be an outside activity in most settings. Here's a quick video demonstration:

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