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Minimalist dolls are intended to serve as blank-slate play props. Through play, children can implant personality, imagine facial expressions, and create character. We wanted to create a doll that served as a blank slate for children to tell their own play stories. A doll that came with no prepackaged backstory or fixed features. A doll as flexible, engaging, and open-ended as an empty cardboard box.

These durable dolls are handmade of ripstop nylon fabric and suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. You can bury them in the sand, climb trees with them, submerge them in the wading pool, and more. Avoid puncturing or slicing them--tug of war with the dog is not recommended.

Doll Details

  • The body, arms & legs are all straight & zigzag stitched.
  • The arms & legs are stuffed & sewn shut separately from the body.
  • The arms are triple-stitched seamed to the body for durability.
  • The legs are double-stitched seamed to the body for durability.
  • Each doll is hand & machine crafted.
  • Dolls are cleaned after being made to remove sew markings--poly filled dolls are machined washed & dried while wool filled dolls are spot cleaned.
  • Dolls are made in a smoke-free home.

Spot Cleaning Your Cotton Or Poly Filled Doll

Spot cleaning is recommended for both cotton filled & poly filled dolls. It extends their life & helps them keep their shape.

First, use a clean rag, or a soft bristle brush, to remove loose particles. Then, dip the rag or brush into warm water & blot/rub spot gently. If soap is needed, dip your rag or brush into a mild soap and gently rub the stain in a circular motion until the stain fads. Wipe off soap residue. Allow to air dry.

Washing Your Poly Filled Doll

Machine wash with cold water on a gentle cycle. Machine dry on a low to warm setting for 30-50 mins. Times will vary depending on your dryer. The poly fill may not be totally dry after this. If so, let your doll finish air drying.

Washing Your Wool Filled Doll

Hand washing wool filled dolls is recommended. Fill a sink or a container with lukewarm water and add a mild soap. Place the doll in the water & gently bathe. Roll the washed doll in towel & gently squeeze to remove excess water. Do not wring. Let the doll air dry.

If you decide to machine wash your wool filled doll, use the wool setting and do not spin-dry. Then let the doll air dry.

Cleaning Tips

  • When washing your doll with other items, place it in a mesh dedicates bag for washing and drying so its arms and legs do not become entangled.
  • When machine drying for the first time, always err on a shorter time and cooler setting. Then adjust from there.
  • Remember not all stains come out but they will fade. They just add to the doll's story.
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