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Our PVC Ramps are 30" long and cut from 3" PVC pipe. Young children are fascinated with ramps and ramp play is full of playful learning potential. These ramps are super durable and ideal for water play, toy cars, bouncy balls, and much more. They can be used inside and outside. We've even added a hang-up-hole at one end for easy storage.

A few notes:

1) These ramps are cut from PVC plumping pipe. That means the outside face is usually printed with manufacturing information and may be scuffed from shipping to the plumbing supply store (plumbers don't care if their pipes are pretty). We pretty much leave them as-is to keep our pricing low. If, however, you would like pristine ramps we can make that happen with premium pricing--just contact us (

2) A lot of the items in our Webshop are easy to DIY and we encourage that. These ramps, however, are challenging and dangerous to make unless you really know what you're doing.

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