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Feel the urge to get all Dennis The Menace and knock tin cans off a fence with a slingshot? We have what you need. Our sling shots are made with reclaimed urban wood, dyed leather, and surgical tubing. They are great fun and a wonderful way to practice self-control and respect for others as well as hand-eye coordination, cause and effect relationships, problem solving, and social skills.

A few tips from a guy who has used these with a lot of kids over the years. 1) Designate some targets--Let kids know what they can shoot at--and that the targets are the ONLY things they can shoot at. 2) Instead of rocks try balls of aluminum foil--They do not fly as far, but they work well. 3) Control traffic--Make sure nobody is walking between the targets and the kids with the slingshots. 4) Put any slingshots that fire unapproved ammo at unapproved targets away for a few days. These four steps and some general supervision has worked well for us.


By purchasing a slingshot the buyer agrees to hold harmless Explorations Early Learning and all associated parties from liability for any damages to persons or property which may result for any reason, by use of this product.

The use of slingshots is regulated by law in some areas. Buyer & user have the duty to obey all laws regarding the use and ownership of this slingshot. Consult local authorities for restrictions

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