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Weapons play, rough-and-tumble-play, superhero play, death play and similar types of play often get a bad rap in early learning settings. Attempts are made to restrict and outright ban these types of play because they are loud, rowdy, aggressive, violent-looking, and can make adults uncomfortable.

The problem is, such play is ripe with learning possibilities and developmental benefits.

Based on ideas from our book, Let Them Play, this session looks at the positive side of the play that makes adults uncomfortable and offers suggestions for embracing and supporting it instead of trying to ban it.

Learning Goals

  • Attendees will understand why the types of play that make adults uncomfortable are beneficial.
  • Attendees will examine their feelings about, and experiences with, these ‘uncomfortable’ types of play.
  • Attendees will leave with ideas for managing and supporting such play.
Competency Areas

Learning Environment and Curriculum

60 Minutes

  • 8:30 Eastern
  • 7:30 PM Central
  • 6:30 PM Mountain
  • 5:30 PM Pacific
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